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Our Mission

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Joining forces and uplifting voices to drive talent equity that advances Idaho's technology future.

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The first step in our journey is helping you start your own.

Our Mentorship Circles are curated to support & inspire women at any stage of their careers. Whether it’s enlightening young girls to new possibilities in tech, uplifting women ready to make a career change, or empowering individuals currently reaching for that next rung in their ladder, we are determined to support you. When it comes to women in tech, “seeing is believing”.


Our philosophy is simple: Connecting over "Networking"

iWIT works to create multiple opportunities for business connection and growth throughout the Treasure Valley, regardless of career stage, age, industry, or role. These events are meant to help you fully embrace the power of a "handshake & hello", as your next big break could be waiting right around the corner!

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Allies to the Rescue

Technology is diverse; as is our team.

Idaho is our home, and the future of its technology scene is of our highest importance. Therefore we believe that cultural shifts, individual empowerment, and livability are essential factors to foster growth in the Treasure Valley. 

As iWIT continues to grow, we hope to grow our team and partnerships that align with this mission. 


Communication and Education

We spread the word on best practices to support and challenge industry leaders, women-in-tech groups, and educators to achieve their goals. 


We value and affirm a safe and supportive environment for women, girls, and those who have historically been under-included; we include allies appropriately. 

Data and Impact

Following a logic model, we assess outcomes to continuously learn and improve. *NOTE: What is the mechanism?

Big Umbrella

We bring ALL women together along the journey to fulfilling technology careers - individuals, industry, women-in-tech groups, educations, research, invetment and government.

Vision and Values

iWIT is a force multiplier dedicated to action

“You belong here. You will feel fulfilled here. The tech industry and society benefit from your belonging.”  - Jess Fuhrman, Founder and CEO

To achieve this reality for those underrepresented in tech, iWIT is propelled by research and data to: uplift and amplify partners advocating for women in technology across Idaho; connect innovators with industry and resources; advance stakeholder-driven initiatives; empower women & girls along each unique journey; and add value to individuals and industry leaders through mentorship circles, partner programs, and inclusive events all while enhancing our tech community profile. 

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