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In the context of career aspirations (and happiness), we are all climbing ladders. At each rung, we are faced with obstacles and influences, positive and negative alike. Regardless of what we accomplish, fail at, or even completely change direction in, mentorship keeps us climbing and ever constant in achieving our goals. Connection to resources, masterminds to help, and creative problem solving is available.


iWIT looks at these various stages through our Journey Map and designed our Mentorship Circles to pair the right people, with the right mentor. iWIT has partnered up with local groups in similar missions to best connect YOU with someone life-changing. Circles forming now for FALL 2022. Link to registration: IWBC Workshops, Trainings and Events (

Click on October 2022 to choose between registering for sessions with community leaders: Breanne Kunz, Kristin Ruffing, Kristine Miller and Rebecca Steely. 

WBC, W.IN and iWIT's collaborative pilot has turned into a community favorite for women in tech and beyond! Register now for this incredible (No Cost) opportunity to meet new women, mastermind problems, and network in a fun collaborative small group. Topics such as: negotiating salary, navigating career changes, improving confidence, climbing the ladder, mastermind problems into creative solutions.

These circles exist to support the unique female journey and encourage professional development.

WHEN: October sessions forming now! Come be inspired by these bold women, as they guide your group through a fun and interactive
DURATION: 6 week session! In person (wine anyone?) and zoom options, which will be decided by the group once it's formed.

Registration is now open and circles with limited registration, free to join, sign up today before they fill! REGISTER HERE:
Contact: with any questions


  • Help young girls and women discover and understand what STEM is before high school.

  • Support high school students with creating their own career path through encouragement, guidance, and providing awareness of other field-entry opportunities.

  • Guide college-level students to identify their core skills, and tune their curriculum to fit their aspirations and interests. 

  • Connect with professional women in technology or women aspiring to join the sector, nurturing a path for success and quality of life.

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We are currently hosting mentorship circles for professionals, and working with our partners to expand to hosting circles at your place of employment at no cost.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor at a specific stage OR want to join our contact list for future circle updates and events, fill out our form below. 

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